‘With a little help of our friends’ – employees engage for people in Webuye

The red box donation activity has taken place several times already. It’s based on the idea that one-time transport boxes that generally would have been recycled could serve some employees while creating at the same time a benefit for our needy families and people in our Making More Health activities. This time a part of the donations went to our needy people in Webuye, Western Kenya.

Donations that make a difference in people’s life

The employee donations support families and personal needs more on an individual basis. They cover private challenges, usually not in the focus of our community-oriented activities such as water, health, or school projects. These donations help immediately where people are obviously in a critical situation.

This time we could help a single mother with two children who cannot walk and had no wheelchair. Her house has been repaired, and the entrance now allows her to pass with the wheelchair.

Another part was dedicated to providing a woman with some food and basic hygiene—a woman who recently lost her husband and has no income. For the next weeks, this will help her a lot and give her the time needed to reorganize her life.

Twelve people who have lost informal jobs in the COVID-19 crises (or never had one because of being people with albinism) and need to feed their families have dedicated their time in the last weeks to our projects and -voluntarily- helped to repair the houses that are on our Making More Health land. In addition to these repairing activities, in the area, the official construction work of more complex buildings will start soon.

After a month of work, we could give them all a small recognition – a small salary that will allow them to buy some basic food and cover the most urgent needs. Among the workers, there are men and women, people with and without albinism, elderly and young people … a very mixed group. A group that engages for a better future for their communities.

Thanks to all colleagues who contributed! We will share soon where the other part of the donations was dedicated.