Albinism - Two chickens for our community members in Webuye

Living with albinism is not always easy, especially in parts of Africa. Not so much because of the condition itself, but mostly because of superstition, misbeliefs, exclusion in schools, and later on, often no jobs. Poverty among families of persons with albinism is widely spread - with all its consequences: no access to health, missing glasses (to support the low eyesight), and sun milk (which is vital to protect the skin).

The average number of people with albinism in East Africa is much higher than in many other parts of the world. In our Making More Health GAASPP center in Webuye, now more than 190 families find support and concrete support – in many ways.

Two chicken for our community members in Webuye

The participants, people with albinism or parents of children with albinism, got after the poultry training two chickens each to start poultry growth as a source of income.

Today we had a wonderful moment of training our people with albinism on poultry keeping.

“The group really appreciated this opportunity as one out of many other activities we have set up in the past months. This is gradually going to change their livelihood,” says Chrisantus, our local NGO partner.

The training was done by an experienced poultry farmer who started with one chick a few years ago but now has 2500 birds.

Foodstuffs and soap were also given to the participants before leaving. Hopefully, the chicken will grow well and help them to get some decent income!