Awareness campaigns in the slums of Nairobi

Our local partner Francis Gikufu and his Mukuru Anganza Film Academy raise awareness for COVID-19 in slum areas.

“We are continuing with community sensitization and Covid19 awareness in the slum. We are making use of social media platforms, from various groups within the informal settlement, community Radio station and also door to door to reach out to as many households as possible. Happy that out of the 13 sectors we have penetrated 9 sectors by today. Also, we continue creating materials that carry the message. Here is what we’ve created today,“ Francis explains.

Impressive, eye-catching poster campaign

Francis has sent the two examples of eye-catching posters showing a “face with a mask covering the mouth and nose parts”. A face that represents the shape of Kenya. With clear messages: Stay alert. Be vigilant. Save a life.

One of the most eye-catching details is the colors. Simple, but impressive contrasts, a red color that reminds of blood cells and “danger”, the somehow “calming” and “healthy” blue mask and the “country” face in yellow which shows a clear positive message being at the same time a hashtag #WeShallOvercomeCovid19“, one of the most used COVID-19 hashtags among the youth in Africa.

The posters are powerful, calm, and impressive while messaging

The situation in the slums is critical, there is a lot of tensions around. Many, mostly young people have no money, no jobs, no food. And the fear to get infected, having very little means to get good care, does not make it easier.