Back to school in Kenya – or better staying at home?

Last Monday, schools in Kenya reopened. All children had to go back to school. It is probably a good and not too difficult thing to do for all children from wealthier families but not for families with lower or no income.

The big challenge of payments

Going to school means paying school fees, books, uniforms. But how should parents from the slums pay that if they often do not have any informal work anymore? If there is simply no money? If there is not even enough money for food?

As one of our community partners living himself in the slums wrote: "I wonder, is it really a "Good Morning" to the millions of parents, guardians, and learners? How about those like myself and thousands in low-income areas that slept without a meal, can't afford to buy a uniform, pens, books, let alone means to take their own back to school? (...)"

It has been challenging for most of us around the globe, closer home; many lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Life has been just a survival, always hoping to see the next day. Some learners got lost in the world of looking for means of survival, including working on child labor as well as becoming beggars. "

Reopening our MMH school

Also, our MMH school in Webuye, Western Kenya, has reopened. We had really-built three classrooms and teachers' room last year as the old building was in terrible conditions and much too small. Also this year we will add more classrooms.

The school is one of many schools in the surroundings that are also going to break down. This Monday, more than 200 additional students asked to join our MMH school. The situation is critical. The MMH school already hosts more than 800 students… and many of the students learn outside…The need is high.


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