COVID-19 in India: Self-help groups manage their communities in crisis times

The Vimuktha federation was founded in 2004 by the Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT), an NGO based at Coimbatore and the Karl-Kübel Stiftung Germany. It’s a collaboration of self-help groups, like the Vimuktha women, to create more health and education on the ground. In the last years, the women participated in many of our health training, including soap and hygiene workshops. Now this input pays off - NMCT replied as follows and explained where the money of the fund went to: 

“(…)We are happy to implement the project in the COVID Crisis time. Our target communities in the project are the poor migrant families of the vimuktha federation, their neighbors and the families of children infected by HIV. We plan to support 1000 families in the next one week with a schedule and support of leaders in the VIMUKTHA federation and Sandippom network. “, says a speaker of NMCT.

The process of implementing the project has started. Two teams of the Vimuktha federation are already in full swing, one in soap production, the other one in mask stitching.  In the next steps, the project will help 20 women self-help group members, to earn a livelihood in this crisis time of no job opportunity, by making soap. Among that, it will directly support the most needy 150 HIV- and 850 migrant families

“Utilising the skill taught by MAKING MORE HEALTH and KKS to vimuktha (…) We anticipate the process of the distribution to be completed in a week's time. Masks and Neem and Turmeric soap will be distributed to more people in the neighborhoods of Vimuktha members area motivating them towards hygiene to fight COVID 19. Thank you so much – no further words for it. Thanks!” (NMCT)   

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