COVID-19: Our Making More Health fellows in time of crisis

This crisis opens a crucial and instructive phase of the urgency of accelerating all transitions - economic, environmental, educational - to see the emergence of a more resilient and sustainable world. Every day, this fight invigorates the Making More Health Fellows, who more than ever need tireless support to continue their actions during the crisis and to build with you the world of tomorrow. 

Our fellow Siel Bleu, an NGO based in France, Ireland, and Germany, has developed more than 30 activities for the elderly people with disabilities, people who suffer chronic diseases and caregivers to improve general physical and psychological well-being through an integrated preventive care program. The association usually intervenes in old people's homes and works for the well-being of the elderly through sport. At the moment, Siel bleu offers its adapted sports courses every day at 2 pm on Facebook, so people are still able to join the program. 

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