Empowerment of Women - a contribution to society

The current pandemic caused by Covid-19 is shaking the whole world. Social distancing is known as one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus – however, in some parts of our continent it is almost impossible to stick to the recommendations. One example is the slums, where the concept is simply not practical. Here, people live very close to each other, several people sleep in one hut, making it is impossible to keep a meter distance.

Unconventional classroom feeling outdoors

In the past weeks, you could watch a similar scene appearing several times in the slums of Coimbatore, India: Fifteen Indian women, sitting on the floor and on colorful plastic chairs with a distance, look attentively and concentrated to a woman standing in front. The woman is a trained Vimuktha Federation member teaching the others on the topic of empowerment of people in distress during Covid-19.

Making More Health (MMH) and the Karl Kübel Stiftung (KKS) have been supporting and actively engaging with the Vimuktha Federation based in Coimbatore, India, for many years. The federation works to strengthen the empowerment of rural women to improve their economic and social conditions through self-help groups. After a distribution of health kits and food to the local families, MMH proposed to empower the rural women to provide a sustainable economic development.

Former Trainings, Further Opportunities

The past years, MMH ran several health and income generation trainings with members of the Vimuktha Federation. As a result, it enabled these women to now make an important contribution to society in these times of crisis. Using their knowledge reached through training, they run Behavior Change Communication Sensitization Programs to sensitize and train over 1000 families on Covid-19. Simultaneously, they distribute soaps and masks produced and provided by themselves. In less than two weeks they managed to distribute masks and soaps, with the aim of soon having handed out 15000 each in total. Sharing their knowledge and products leads to a broader awareness and enables many to act correctly according to the situation, creating a win-win-win for everyone involved.