Going the Extra Mile for Change

The wealth of information within the network of Making More Health is mind-blowing. Different health topics presented in many fun and interactive formats from binders and newsletters to card games, videos, songs and comic strips. However, the reach of these materials is limited to the communities where the Making More Health network has a physical presence. Information is pivotal in shaping a better world. Not just possessing it, but also sharing it. I compare sharing knowledge to teaching a man how to fish.

As Afrika Kommt Fellows, Tonye Atiegoba and I joined forces to create a platform for sharing information leveraging his expertise in IT. My.MakingMoreHealth.org is a knowledge-sharing platform for community empowerment on health-related topics. It is a platform for Boehringer Ingelheim employees, Making More Health fellows and local partners, and other contributors to share knowledge on different health topics. The materials are freely accessible to all users to enlighten communities worldwide – removing geographical limitation and extending the program’s reach.

 It took Tonye and me about two months of weekly sprints to complete the project. I was responsible for collecting the training materials used in our communities in Kenya and India as well as for creating content for the website. We exchanged design ideas and he converted the ideas into a palatable website: My.MakingMoreHealth.org. The creation of the site called for a lot of dedication and commitment beyond our normal duties. It required communication, teamwork and prioritization of work from both of us. We appreciate the Making More Health Team for their continued support throughout the process. We hope that this platform enables change-makers an opportunity to engage actively in creating a sustainable ecosystem for change by raising awareness about prevention, care and management for different healthrelated issues.

With the help of Making More Health, we’ll continue to create awareness about the availability of this website within our circles of influence such as our social media channels, Making More Health community, Afrika Kommt Network and others.

Website: My.MakingMoreHealth.org

Fauzia Mohamed