Health starts with awareness and education

The N.G.O. V.I.C.C.O. in Mukuru slums is one of the N.G.O.s that stays in the neighborhood of one of our official partner organizations, and while knowing about the activities, they started to connect. To create more impact and raise awareness of important health topics, we began to share our safety and hygiene materials. This helps to make more health happen.

Recently, they have managed to bring the people from the National health insurance fund to Mukuru slums to register members for healthcare coverage that will support the entire family for one year. "We managed to register 100 families. And formed a Savings club for health…," explains a leader from V.I.C.C.O.
This example shows that it is essential to share and open your network to new opportunities. This is the only way to create sustainable and significant change that will improve local communities' lives.

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