Huge impact with small solutions!

Waaau! The school tent is ready. The pupils are happy, and even for the school headteacher, it is a big step forward.

“What a great idea and salvation have done to these pupils in this school! We can now teach in a classroom even though not permanent, but we are now covered and out of danger from the morning chills and rains. At least they do not have to sit under a tree in the mud trying to protect themselves against rain. What a beautiful tent! And that spacious”, he commented.

What has happened so far

Close to Webuye, in Western Kenya, the new Making More Health ( MMH) school building is ongoing. The first buildings, including classrooms, teacher room, kitchen, and toilets, have been inaugurated in December 2020, and more than 200 student places are available in the nice classrooms. The first time in their life. But there are more than 800 students and the rainy season has started. Even with many great ideas on how to make the existing classrooms available to all – while teaching in shifts etc. – there are still too few inside placements available. With the consequence that every day 200-300 students have to sit outside while studying. The second building phase has started, and soon the following classrooms will open … however, the situation has been very critical.

That’s why the tent based solution is so helpful

Pupils are pleased about this tent. It helps right now as an interim solution to ensure that the “outside” teaching can continue in a much safer and “dry” way.

Later on, when all classrooms are built, the tent will allow larger gatherings to inform and train parents, not just about school topics but also to invite them for adults sessions on farming, animal health, hygiene, and much more. 

Sometimes small solutions have a huge impact!

Now there are only a few things that still need to be done, and also the chairs will arrive soon. From next week onwards, teaching outside will become a different and healthier experience. 

It was possible to arrange it all within a few days. Our thanks also go to our local NGO partner GAASPP, the school headmaster, and the contractor, who all put their forces together and helped in a very agile, pragmatic, and innovative way.

Creating a huge impact sometimes requires the right people in the right place and the willingness to help!