Learning with a pet

Today, more and more children suffer from different troubles, which can be social, mental or behavioral problems. In every case, the child, its family and its entire environment is exposed to many constraints to live with those troubles. Each of us have ever met a friend, a member of our family who is dealing with such a problem all day long. Despite some medical structures, solutions and alternatives are limited. For instance in France, lots of procedures need to be achieved to recognize troubles. Then, once it is done, new steps appear like reaching the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Then, how can it be possible to find a solution? How could we support those families and improve children’s way of life at our own scale? Above all, is there any solution that Boehringer Ingelheim, as a pharmaceutical company, can contribute to?

As part of the Bag2thefuture competition, our goal is to come up with a program by the end of summer 2021, which could be implemented for the start of the school year. This program will take place in primary school or in a specialized structure welcoming children with disabilities. A professional in animal mediation will lead some activities to create interactions between children and dog by playing-games, pet’s care or some learnings. Here, we want to achieve a double benefit:

  • Improve child's social contact and capacities 
  • Social integration for dogs enrolled in biomedical researches

At Boehringer Ingelheim, we are working with animals in particular dogs, which are retired from laboratory once the clinical researches are over. Those dogs deserve a second life after being part of the company: that is why a program was created to adopt them. Considering this fact, we thought about a combination of our intention to improve children with disabilities’ way of life through animal adoption. It leads us to the creation of a tailor-made program based on animal mediation. Today, we can propose you an alternative without adding medication, with the support of a professional and a trained animal.

How is the project going?

“After contacting and meeting professionals, we had a better understanding of the requirements to set up this project. Our next step is to find the structure in which we will implement this program and complete a partnership with the professional expert involved in the program. After that, we will build a tailor-made program to answer animal's and child's needs.”

Team members: Louis Lopvet - Lucile Boudes- Frédéric Decrock - Camille Besnard - Deplhine Confort - Béatrice Putanier - Ghislaine Monteillet -
Nellya Benzemma - Jérémie Saraiva