MMH Field force engagement initiative in Kenya

In the last ten years, we‘ve realized that education and sharing of information and knowledge is the cornerstone of a diverse and healthy society. Through the collaboration with NGO’s, partners, and the outstanding commitment of our employees, we were able to collect a lot of information and materials on important health topics. Building on this, we have launched a field force engagement initiative in Kenya in cooperation with our local partners to distribute our Making More Health educational materials widely.

With appropriate information flyers, we aim to raise awareness of the following topics and promote our training material on;

- Albinism - what you should know? 

- Safety in schools and communities 

- COVID-19 - How to protect yourself and your environment? 

To distribute the information as widely as possible, the initiative will be supported by BI’s local sales representatives. In the first phase of the project, they will visit hospitals, schools, and social institutions to distribute the flyers there freely. We believe that good training of healthcare providers and teachers is the first step towards effective education, as they can pass the knowledge on to many local people. To establish a sustainable and holistic distribution system, we will evaluate this pilot phase through a survey. The aim is to raise awareness of these crucial issues as widely as possible and to provide the relevant educational information.

‘This is a major milestone and a first one for MMH in Sub Saharan Africa where we can now involve our sales teams in MMH activities. The sales reps form a key link between Boehringer Ingelheim and the health care service providers’ fraternity thereby acting as the face of the company in the public domain. Through this engagement process we hope to demonstrate BI’s commitment to the welfare of the society in general and our customers in particular ‘ (Dr. Christopher Imbaya, Snr MMH Manager, SSA)

Do you want to support? Please contact us or download the flyers freely on our resource platform