A Poster to raise further awareness on Albinism


Since the Making More Health (MMH) initiative started to support persons with albinism and to raise awareness in their environment, much has been achieved. Under the umbrella of MMH and its NGO partners, the albinism awareness program improves health and safety conditions for the people in our community in Bungoma County, Western Kenya.

This June, the project has already reached a milestone by developing a training and awareness program for persons with albinism, their social environment, and health care providers. We are very pleased to announce that the existing training binder and quiz cards have now been extended. In Partnership with Positive Exposure Kenya, Golden Age Albinism Support Group (GAASP), Ampath and MMH, we developed a poster based on the subsisting materials. The poster provides information on four different topics, all of which are presented in a short, vivid, and easy to understand way. The topics include main challenges persons with albinism face, health-care recommendations, general information for communities on how to pave the way for a better daily life for persons with albinism and, how to create a suitable school environment for people with albinism. Thus, the poster presents a concise and clear summary of the pre-existing material’s information and gives a good overview of the various challenges for persons with albinism and possible solutions.

The poster can be used in various ways and in locations such as hospitals, waiting areas of healthcare providers, midwife centres, schools, and community locations. A widespread use of the poster will therefore allow doctors, midwives, teachers, and other key persons of the community to receive and to share a solid first education on how to support people with albinism. At the same time, the topic is also being brought to the attention of the general public using the train-the-trainer approach. The poster gives people the opportunity to learn more about Albinism and besides, it also contains a reference to the possibilities of viewing the other materials on our website or requesting them from our local contacts in Kenya.

You can download our poster alongside the rest of our material on our resource platform : https://my.makingmorehealth.org/.