The power of networking

Networking and co-creation are the key elements driving Making More Health’s next phase to build a sustainable ecosystem of change in communities living close to the poverty line. This means developing holistic solutions to tackle the most pressing issues in parallel, while bringing together social entrepreneurs, local stakeholders and companies.

In Kenya, more than 25 MMH projects and activities are taking place in parallel, but in different locations and run by different stakeholders. The MMH Kenya networking tool helps these partners to understand, connect and communicate with each other. “This tool offers the basic information to act and react directly together and to network in an innovative way … Whenever possible the communication and idea exchange should take place directly among the stakeholders, who feel themselves responsible to make change for better happen and to take action,” said Manuela Pastore.

The mobile web tool gives an overview of all ongoing MMH programs and involved stakeholders – via map short project descriptions, partner information and contact details. It offers networking opportunities “at a glance.”


Empowerment of involved stakeholders: All involved program and project leaders can network directly and share their knowledge and social entrepreneurial ideas. Self-organization is the rule: All involved stakeholders can easily organize sub-teams to tackle societal issues. Connecting in small sub-teams helps to grow the impact without losing too much time. This includes sharing existing materials with partners in the network, scaling activities from one place to another and developing solutions together. A different understanding of responsibilities: Instead of communicating and coordinating with the global MMH team only, the tool empowers all involved social entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and employees who are involved in our Kenyan areas to communicate and to act directly, which also means taking responsibility for these activities. This will have a huge impact on how the ecosystem and the partnerships will grow. Knowing the power of networking is one of the most important drivers for people who want to make more health happen and to create opportunities for growth that we could not even imagine before. Based on a fair and constructive code of conduct it will create a winwin for all. When will you become part of our ecosystem activities in Kenya or India?

 The tool is password protected and available to all stakeholders who are actively involved only. For a demonstration, please contact the Making More Health team