Protecting the future of the Arctic

In Greenland, smoking is a huge societal problem even among very young children. The “Protecting the future of the artic” Bag2TheFuture team is developing a non-smoking campaign for Greenlandic children together with a NGO in Denmark, local stakeholders and the Greenlandic government.

Existing non-smoking campaign before Boehringer Ingelheim involvement


Why did your team participate in the Bag2TheFuture competition?

Janne: The concrete ambition to make a difference came when I participated in the MMH Insights Leadership program in India in 2019. It gave me a more profound and broader perspective on how Boehringer Ingelheim engages with societies worldwide. When the Bag2TheFuture competition came up, I asked colleagues with passion for thinking outside the box and willingness to walk the extra mile to form a group.

Nicolas: I participated in a MMH initiative in France several years ago. Collaborating with the MMH fellow Guillaume Bapst was eyeopening. By working together with other stakeholders, we can do so much! I strongly encouraged the team here in Denmark to go ahead with the project in Greenland.

Which challenges have you overcome so far?

Pia: Shaping the project in a manageable way. Not too ambitious for the team and the resources, while ensuring a real tangible impact. Instead of making it big, it counts more to make it important. A project that hopefully can continue and grow on its own after this competition ends.

Tina: Adapting the material to Greenlandic culture. Together with our partners from the different organizations, we’ll co-create all the materials together. All are very eager to work together.

Janne: Working together with the children, not for them. We have to be open-minded and listen carefully to the young Greenlanders and the people around them.

School yard picture: smoking among students is a big problem


What does being a “social intrapreneur” mean to you?

Rikke: I feel inspired by working with new colleagues in other functions and partners for the same goal. Working with a social idea on the side of my regular work makes me feel proud to be a part of a company with the right values and opportunities. It is not just words, it is action.

Janne: Being involved in these projects gives me energy. I’m so lucky also to be involved in the MMH Executive in Residence program where I‘m helping a Nigerian startup with their digital marketing strategy.