Recipes that improve lives

The IREN Growthpad recipe book initiative is collaborating with Making More Health (MMH) to give women in rural Kenya an honorable livelihood by promoting recipes that draw ingredients from agricultural produce in rural areas.

The recipe book, "Chakula Chetu: Indigenous Recipes from the Lake Region of Kenya" (‘Chakula Chetu' Swahili for 'Our Food') promises a culinary routine based on indigenous, nutritious dishes. By purchasing any recipe from this cookbook, you are actively supporting community-led resilience and response systems that economically empower women in rural Kenya in a dignified and sustainable way. 50% of the proceeds are used to economically empower women in Homabay County, Western Kenya, through the WA-WA self-help group.

WA-WA self-help group is an NGO with a vision to provide a decent livelihood and a strong social support network for women in Homabay County through fish farming. In collaboration with this NGO, MMH runs several health- and hygiene training sessions to support the self-help group's women. The organization is a livelihood source for approximately 20 women who previously engaged in sexual trade to fend for their families; they exchanged sexual intercourse for a secure supply of fish from the local fishermen. Most of these women who previously lived in poverty and stigmatization contracted HIV/AIDs. Currently, WA-WA is a source of livelihood and a network of support for these women.

If you want to suppport this initiative check out the online cookbook and buy a recipe:

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Enjoy your meal!