The situation in the ‘MMH’ tribal villages – and joyful moments for the children

Selvaraj, our direct local support, says: “Luckily at the moment there are no cases from our tribal villages. We have visited all the villages and distributed masks and soap. People are happy that we are distributing to them. So far, no people are affected, and we informed all the people, SHG members, and community health workers to ensure that people should use a mask when they come out from home.”

With hygiene games, there also comes a lot of positive energy and joy into the villages.

Besides the obvious awareness training sessions and protective measurements that take place as in many parts of the world, the team from KKID Selvaraj and Shibu also bring some good moments to the village people, especially to the children. But for sure, even to the parents and the village community.

The overall situation so far in our project area

There are already more than 7 million corona cases in India. People can better protect themselves against the virus. Our local partner NGO team (KKID) distributed more than 14,000 face masks and more than 8,600 soaps to nearly children and adults in 16 villages in Tamil Nadu (South India). Women’s support groups made the masks and soaps. Women who in the past years had participated in our hygiene and soap production training sessions… The Making More Health initiative finances and engage actively with the project and enables women to earn money in the current situation.