Support for MMH community in Kenya

The people in our MMH community in Bungoma county, West Kenya who have been affected by floods and lost their jobs due to the COVID crises today received their 2nd-month food support. The situation is still critical, especially for the elderly and marginalized people.

The lack of sanitary towels

“Another big challenge our women and girls are now experiencing is among other issues the lack of sanitary towels, as they are operating in makeshift structures due to flooding of their homes. A number of our girls are not able to access sanitary towels,” explains Chris, founder of GAASP, our local NGO partner.

With the help of some employee donation money, we will provide the women and girls with done sanitary packs, too.

Access to Food, hygiene, houses to live in – it’s basic needs for each human being. And here in wealthier parts of the world, we can help. So let’s do it.