Water for Life

It is the first time that an employee team of Boehringer Ingelheim North West Africa is working for a long-term period on a social project with a real intrapreneurship mindset to support 5000 villagers' life by putting in place a plan deemed to transform their environment.

This initiative aims to support a community with a high unemployment level. The Boehringer Ingelheim team that participates in the Making More Health Bag2thefuture Competition 2020/21 will help those village people in becoming entrepreneurs and conducting a healthier life. Together with the village people, the Boehringer team will:

Dig and construct a water well to facilitate access to good and healthier water quality.

Create more income for the community while training the village people to grow and pick up prickly pears that grow easily in the area and to inform them on how to dry the seeds hygienically and more sustainably. The seeds sales will generate a real economic activity driven by the village people.

Diversity creates social impact

The  Boehringer Ingelheim project team comprises a group of people, full of enthusiasm, passion, and volunteering spirit. The team members are very diverse in terms of professional background, expertise, and age. This helps to diversify the points of view and enriches the propositions to maximize the chances of the success of the project. 

The primary objective in constructing the water well is to furnish the area and the locals with drinking water for domestic and agricultural purposes. To achieve good and sustainable results, the early involvement of all local stakeholders and authorities in the project area is important.

In addition, basic business trainings will be offered to the village people to help them to understand well documentation, mail and archiving systems, simplified administrative writing, cash-follow-up on excel, etc. 

Not for the people – together with them

To build the entrepreneurial skills of the locals, the team helps the community to develop and transform what they already have - the "prickly pears." The idea is to dry the seeds of the fruit and sell them to a manufacturer, who will then extract this expensive oil needed in many industries. Only two manufacturers extract this oil in all Algeria; involving the villagers in this activity will contribute to creating jobs and developing the economy of the area. There will also be more specific and technical training sessions offered on how to dry the prickly fruits to collect the most substantial possible quantity of seeds, thus maximizing the income.

"It is a pilot project. We will also learn a lot from it. And hopefully, be able to change together with the village people the impoverished life circumstances that make it difficult to conduct a healthy life.  Surrounding yourself with the right people and organizations is key to the success of a project. We are fortunate to have within the Making More Health team a heterogeneous group whose skills and expertise complement each other, and we need the support of as many people as possible to make this project comes true. This is why we call upon any person or organization to join our group to make this noble project a reality and a success." (Team Water for Life)