What do you stand for?

What do I stand for? Many graduates ask this question while looking for a suitable employer and company. At this year's Young Entrepreneurs in Science virtual workshop, this question was also pervasive. Manuela Pastore (Boehringer Ingelheim’s social entrepreneurial initiative Making More Health) and Julia Limbacher (Boehringer Ingelheim HR) were part of these sessions to talk to students about social entrepreneurship in general and at Boehringer Ingelheim.

"After graduation, most students are faced with the question of whether they want to apply for a large, renowned company or prefer to engage in humanitarian work. I think this separation is no longer necessary, as many companies are also committed to social responsibility and there are lot of opportunities to bring social entrepreneurial thinking into the organizations," says Manuela Pastore.

Value through innovation

Boehringer Ingelheim shows that this is also possible in the scientific industry: Our focus is built on Accountability, Agility, and Intrapreneurship. Thus, the whole company is based on bringing innovative ideas into business solutions through the employees' commitment, which also have an added value for social society. Boehringer Ingelheim supports this approach with numerous initiatives and programs, such as Making More Health.

"We have to ask ourselves what role we want to play in society and what footprint we leave behind”, says Julia Limbacher. With the sustainable development goals, launched by the UN in 2016, more and more companies need to face the truth that maximum profit is no longer the most important goal. Young employees want to work for a company that is committed to sustainability and social commitment. The future lies in the combination of traditional business and society. Only in this way can innovative ideas and innovative people grow.