You are what you eat!

We all are aware that healthy eating is the key to wellbeing. However, for most of us sticking by the rules of healthy eating is more complicated than solving a geometric equation. It is simply easier to eat what is conveniently available than to think up a boring balanced meal that fits the needs of the different members of the family.

With the Making More Health Nutrition Game, you will get to learn about the nutrition needs of children, expectant women, the elderly, patients with diabetes and those with anaemia through our interactive online game cards. Test your knowledge on all or any of the above-mentioned categories from our my.makingmorehealth website and instantly get your results.

We are grateful to our Boehringer Ingelheim colleagues and the local community in India who developed the game cards during our Making More Health Insights Week in India.

Additionally, look out for our ‘Chakula Chetu’ (Swahili for Our Food) Recipe book that promises to spice up your culinary routine by introducing you to nutritious traditional dishes from Western Kenya and provide a glance into the rich culture of the Luhya community.